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"Never Depend On A Single Income, Make an Investment To Create A Second Source" -

Warren Buffett

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The Challenge

The COVID attack at the end of 2019 has so far had an impact on several key segments of the country's development. The economic, political, and social segments have shown a decrease or negative impact while the technology segment has shown an increase or positive impact by adapting the world of digitization in totality. The coupling between the political, economic, and social segments is seen to have greatly reduced the value of a country due to this attack and at this moment the world is working hard to improve the performance of the market so that the economic segment can be strengthened and at the same time improve social services. The main purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the political position of a government in leading the country by showing their ability to govern during a disaster and also be able to survive until the economy is restored and return the country to the world economy.

Therefore, the diversity of areas of success as well as the expertise of certain groups is needed for the purpose of improving the economy holistically. Conventional income generation procedures before the disaster need to be changed by adapting the existing digitization structure to increase income.


As a company that manages Private Funds, CDS is committed to generating income for investors by taking into account the investment strategy for the derivative segment where investments in this category can be carried out all over the world and guarantee more effective and efficient income.- Executive Chairman


"Bottoms in the investment world don’t end with four-year lows; they end with 10- or 15-year lows." - Jim Rogers

Discover Our Special Features


Innovation and disruption are similar that both are makers and builders. Disruption takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our daily routines. Disruption displaces an existing market, industry, or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile. It is at once destructive and creative.


CDS Group is a hybrid agency that is agile and quick to offer integrated entrepreneurship solutions with the end goal of bringing in more economic revenue for our clients through multiple channels. At CDS, we are not the bridge but the builder of an island with entries and exit routes. 


Looking at the world with the eyes of our disruptors, no one company is so essential that it can’t be replaced and no single business model or sector is off-limits to a raw burst of change. This is a snapshot of today’s most influential upstarts who are shaking up the Goliaths of a dozen of different industries, ranging from mainstream to downstream global markets.


Besides embodying the conventional characteristics outlined, there are different methodology act of actions that we take in order to develop core competencies by being front liners.

Understand Our Concepts


More Tech Savvy

Digital is engrained in our DNA. We are tech enthusiasts who have our fingers on the pulse of a constantly changing industry. In order to consistently be on the cutting edge, we almost always apply the agile marketing methodology to our workflow in order to move fast and efficiently.

Related Integrated Services

At CDS, we don’t do one-off projects or shortcuts. We develop long-term strategic plans to overhaul our clients and ensure that they are seeing results where it matters: leads, revenue, and cost savings. We think alike the end users in order to understand revenue-changing conversions are the only movements that matter.

Eligibility of Versatile Talents

Our management understands that talents are only as good as the sum of our client parts. We ensure to build an expert team that can deliver integrated solutions. And if we don’t have the capacity to offer certain resources, we will partner with relevant agencies that can service to the core.


Retain Diversified Revenue

We believe it’s the right thing to do and understand the factor for multiple revenue channels. CDS teams believe no entities should rely on only one source of revenue. We build internal teams that bring in different types of projects, and they all work together in order to deliver the full package to clients.

Dedicated to Clients

Just as committed to our talents, CDS Group is fiercely committed to our clients. We are in the business of long-term relationships with clients and truly affecting a change of in-and-out clients. We understand that loyal clients lead to higher retention rates, greater profit margins, more predictable cash flow, and stronger referrals. Thus, we do everything in our power to ensure our clients gain the best structured investment versus returns.

Strategists, Not Tacticians

Our people won’t take on clients looking for tacticians on delivering quick win schemes. We develop our people seriously as strategists and won’t tolerate requesting anything less. Even when under pressure, we stay true to being consultants, and steer a client in the right direction with finesse as they are our precious assets.

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