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"Without passion, you don't have energy. Without energy, you have nothing" - Warren Buffett

Abstract Architecture

Our Background

CDS Capital & Investment Inc, is a conglomerate company that functions as a fund company, managing funds invested by investors through CDS Capital & Investment Portfolio Fund through the investment strategy that has been written in the Information Memorandum that has been declared. CDS Capital & Investment inc, is an offshore company established in 2017 under the Labuan Companies Act 1990 and registered under the Labuan Mutual Fund Section 2: Labuan Financial Services And Securities Act 2010 as a Labuan Private Fund.

CDS Capital & Investment Inc, was officially incorporated on 23rd Nov 2017 under the Labuan Companies Act 1990, Labuan Financial Services Authority, Federal Territory Of Labuan, Malaysia. On 3rd August 2018, Labuan Financial Services Authority notified our lodgement of Information Memorandum on Private Fund.

Infomemo Energy Fund Volume 3-1.png

On March 12, 2020 we had lodge an amended Information Memorandum focusing on energy  fund and industries due to the existing demand on supporting our fully owned energy company in Malaysia. Since the date, our CDS Energy Fund spearhead all our private equity activities. 

2022 InfoMemo v1.png

On August 15, 2022, we once again had lodged an amended Information Memorandum focusing on the general portfolio due to the existing demand on our investors. The CDS Capital & Investment Portfolio Fund is now ready to operate.

CDS Capital & Investment Inc. has developed a model that will generate high financial, social and environmental returns from cash investments by securing rights through its strategy.

Abstract Background

Our Investment Objective

Our objective at CDS Capital & Investment Inc is to provide returns to investors through dynamic and viable investment strategies. The intended returns are:-


Capital Growth & Capital Appreciation


Capital Preservation


Source Of Income


Source Of Excitement

Our Mission

To be the world leader in private equity industries via achieving an international financial standard and recognition

Our Vision

To ensure and satisfy investor's capital growth via our impressive investment rate of return and a long-term capital preservation plan 

Our Commitment

CDS Capital & Investment Inc provides a high commitment to the capital that has been invested into the CDS Capital & Investment Portfolio Fund by investors. We are always looking for solutions to improve the value of investors' investments and are committed to delivering profits to investors that exceed what has been promised. However, the decision to make any investment by us remains informed to the investors and we will only invest after getting the permission of the investors.


Our Digital Structure

Investing in derivatives is very challenging and requires expertise and high emotional stability of the trader. With experience and strong cooperation with digital practitioners and programmers, we have developed several robots or EAs that have been tested to give profit every time we enter a position. 

Our Derivatives Team & Platform Partners




Professional Trader

CDS Equity Account

In order to adapt to the digital world, we have created a CDS Equity Account which aims to make it easier for investors to monitor the progress of their investments, make withdrawals on instructions and contact us electronically for any problems. This system also houses the Participating Shares Digital Certificate that has been NFT for the purpose of establishing the authenticity of the investor's certificate.

system logo cdsequity.png

Our Top Level Management

Executive Chairman

Deputy Executive Chairman

Dato' Seri Dr Abd Razak

Dato' Harold

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zam Sulaiman



Combined Experience










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